Buying Exquisite Jhumka Earrings Online Can Create a Look that Matches Your Mood

One of the most iconic pieces of jewelry in Indian fashion, jhumkas are these larger than life earrings that are iconic not only for their size but also for their unique shape that is reminiscent of bells. They are extremely decorative and ornate in nature and over the years, the style has seen a great deal of transformation, evidenced by the many different design variations it has spawned. When looking to buy jhumka earrings online, it pays knowing the different kinds of looks you can create with different types of jhumkas, especially when starting a collection of your own.

The most traditional jhumkas are set in gold not only because gold goes well with most traditional Indian attires but because it signifies value and prominence. They are typically embellished with different kinds of semi-precious stones ranging from ruby and emerald to pearls, coral, opal, sapphire, and kundan, among many other stones that enhance the jewelry style. Gold jhumkas are great to pair with saris and other traditional Indian attires, perfect for those who are feeling the festive moods of the celebrations they are taking part in.

You can likewise buy jhumka earrings online that take inspiration from all kinds of native Indian designs. This means pieces that are nature inspired, or those that feature a lot of floral and animal designs (peacock, for instance), as well as temple elements. Apart from gold, Indian women are also quite fond of silver oxide jhumkas, which offer a more edgy look to the traditional style. Silver oxide jhumkas are great for those who want to flaunt their jhumkas with daily attires. If you want to add glamour to your clothing, however, you can likewise find jhumkas that are adorned with more precious stones to add sparkle to your style. Kashmiri jumkhas are a class apart from more traditional style of jhumkas as they come with long pearl chains which can be tucked behind the ears or used as part of your hair accessories, much like traditional Indian dancers do.