5 Extravagantly Beautiful Indian Traditional Jewelry Designs For You

Indian traditional jewelry is gorgeous and artistic to look at. There are various elements that make Indian jewelry remarkably attractive and distinct from each other. In India, there are different type of extravagantly beautiful designs of the traditional jewelry that are an amazing piece of artwork and style. Here we have mentioned the five different styles of Indian traditional jewelry. Scroll down to check out:

  1. Meenakari Jewelry: Meenakari work in Indian jewelry has gorgeous designs of flowers and peacock engraved in the metal and usually it is made in God. The beauty of the jewelry accentuated with colored enamel dust that highlights the engraved designs in the form of artwork. The form of Meenakari Jewelry originated from Iran and it came to India with the Mughals. It looks royal and beautiful.
  1. Jadau Jewelry: Another Indian traditional jewelry type is Jadau jewelry that has stone and pearl work. Sometimes glass and crystals are also used in beautifying it. It is a gorgeous jewelry form that comes as a result of skilled craftsmanship. It also has its association with the Mughals.
  1. Polki Jewelry: These are beautiful uncut and natural diamonds that are studded in metal. The glossy and sparkling polka jewelry pieces are loved by women who have the love for the best Indian traditional jewelry. It is expensive and handmade by various artists in India.
  1. Kundan Jewelry: Made up of pure gold, Kundan Jewelry is appreciated by modern as well as traditional Indian traditional jewelry It has colorful gemstone work and sometimes glass and pearl is also used. The roots of Kundan Jewelry are associated with Rajasthan and it is a fabulous artwork in itself. The basic difference between polka and Kundan jewelry is that in Polki, uncut diamonds are used and it is very expensive. It looks royal and elegant with the designs that are Indian in origin.
  1. Temple Jewelry: Temple Jewelry comes from the South Indian traditional jewelry It is beautiful and attractive with the adornment of various Gods and Goddesses engraved on it. The handwork on Temple jewelry is classic and it is a must buy for South Indian brides.